Birding in Spain, part 3: Sierra de Urbasa

Nacedero de Urederra

Nacedero de Urederra

Sierra de Urbasa is part of the Urbasa-Andia Natural Park located in the most western part of Navarra. It’s only a short drive away from Pamplona offering a quick escape from the city. Be careful when driving in the natural park for there are plenty of horses, cows, sheep, bikers and hikers roaming around.

Sierra de Urbasa is also home of Griffon vultures which were easy to spot all over the surroundings, often flying at low altitude. From the top of the Urederra gorge it’s possible to get a closer look at the nests as well as the passing birds from above and below. The view is spectacular, but be aware of sudden drop, since there are no railings.

Down in the valley there is a natural park with a beautiful river, waterfalls and a magical forest called Nacedero de Urederra. There is a large parking lot from where the path to waterfall begins. The 3 hour back and forth hike goes thru a little sleepy town before entering the actual natural park. The path in the woods goes along the beautiful blue river with small ponds. In the forest we did not spot almost any birds, but it’s still worth vile a visit. It’s a popular destination for the locals to have a picnic and for tourists to visit.

Below you can view some of images from the trip. For the best experience, please click on the image.

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