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The bird sanctuary

The bird sanctuary in Pont De Gau

This place is a zoo, yet it is not a zoo at all. The birds come and go there voluntarily. There are no fences or cages other than for the birds rescued waiting to be released back to the nature. In many ways it’s an awesome place to get close view of the birds. You can get as close as a meter from the Flamingoes and couple of meters from the Herons. The birds come to the park because there is food served regularly. It cost under 10€ per person and the ticket is valid for the day.
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Visiting The Marais du Vigueirat Nature Reserve

How to get there. Credits:

This nature reserve is located between Camargue and Crau in the South of France. It’s a private owned reserve open for everyone from February to December (10-17). The Reserve is split into two sections; a smaller area open to visitors and a larger area only accessible with a guide. For a proper visit to the park, a guide is a must. However the park only allows two guided groups per day so be sure to book your tour well in advance. For an English speaking guide contact Frédéric (contact (at), it’s well worth it. With the company of a guide you get access to the secrets of the park. Frédéric can tell you everything about the reserve’s geology, fauna and flora. Our walk lasted for 7 hours so good quality walking gear and some food and water is a must. Our visit was timed off season and therefore our hopes of seeing massive amounts of wildlife was not the highest. That said, we saw plenty of wildlife, birds mostly of course. The day was hot yet windy and shooting with a longer end of a tele was somewhat problematic due to the heatwaves. We saw 6 different types of herons, one sitting on the top of a Camargue horse, a lot of bee-eaters, a Kingfisher,  Stilts, a Turtle dove, Grebes, Wildfowl, cuckoos, Warblers, Long tailed tits to name some and of course many Coypus. Because of the windy day the sun did not feel that hot and the infamous mosquitos did not bother us during our stay.
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Delta de Llobregat

The Barcelona international airport is surrounded by a wetland called Delta de Llobregat. It’s an excellent place to get a really close look of the busy birdlife. It’s easiest to reach by car. The distances might seem short looking at the map, but distance can easily be a 5-10 km when getting to the next place because of the airport. Alternatively one could walk or bike along the beach. Gear used during the trip: D3s and Tamron 150-600.

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Ebro Delta revisited

Breaking the rules

Back in Ebro Delta again. It has been one year since the last visit but this time we focused on Barcelona and spent only one day in Ebro Delta wetlands. It is well suited for a day-trip from Barcelona and takes about 1 1/2 hours one way by car using the toll-highway (autopista AP-7, €20-30 one way). There is an option for those that have more time and are looking to save some money by taking the “scenery-route” along the coast. This will take 30-60 minutes longer but you end up saving the highway tolls. As mentioned this time our hub was located in the outskirts of Barcelona, Castelldefels. We rented a car that we used to get around and the first day we spent at Delta Ebro, 150 km south from Barcelona.
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