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Urban nature in Helsinki

Urban nature in Helsinki from the past week. Pictures are taken with my D800 and Tamron 150-600. For the best viewing experience, please click on the pictures.

1st of May trip to Kopparnäs and bonus pictures from the past week.

So we decided to escape the traditional Finnish vappu-celebrations and headed along the coast towards west to a little place called Kopparnäs.
It’s about 40 km drive from Helsinki and therefore a great day trip destination. We started early in the morning around 07AM and enjoyed basically a “people”-free day in the nature spotting waterfowl, herons and an osprey to mention a few. We also spotted one crane having a lunch break on our way to Kopparnäs, but could not stop for pictures on the highway.

The birdtower on the left hand side is decent enough for a stop. You get a clear view of a large portion of the bird reserve. In summer time there are cows in the area so be aware of the brown heaps everywhere on the ground. From the birdtower we spotted loads of herons and an osprey having a battle of some sort with a couple of seagulls. A couple of European pie flycatchers were building their home just a couple of meters from the tower and we got a nice view at them while they were occupied with their daily household tasks. In the woods close to the shore we spotted a woodpecker and at the shore a wood sandpiper. Other birds encountered: Swan, starling, cormorants, mergus merganser, chaffinch and tree pipit.

Bergunden – Kallioportti was particularly great for spotting waterfowl and you can walk all the way to the stony shore where we spotted long-tailed ducks, eiders, terns and a lot of seagulls. We noticed many “flybys” of swans, cormorants and goldeneyes.

Rävberget further along the road is also worthwhile visiting. It’s more elevated and has a great view over the nearby islands and the open sea. We spotted a nesting eider on the shore so be careful not to disturb them too much.

There are great facilities for grilling, tough open fire is forbidden. Toilets are spread evenly around the area.

All the pictures were taken with Nikon D800 and Tamron 150-600. Please click for better view and exif information.

And to finalize the day, a couple of pictures from Seurasaari, Suvilahti and Viikki taken earlier this week. Again, for best viewing experience, please click on the picture.