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The bird sanctuary

The bird sanctuary in Pont De Gau

This place is a zoo, yet it is not a zoo at all. The birds come and go there voluntarily. There are no fences or cages other than for the birds rescued waiting to be released back to the nature. In many ways it’s an awesome place to get close view of the birds. You can get as close as a meter from the Flamingoes and couple of meters from the Herons. The birds come to the park because there is food served regularly. It cost under 10€ per person and the ticket is valid for the day.
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Ebro Delta revisited

Breaking the rules

Back in Ebro Delta again. It has been one year since the last visit but this time we focused on Barcelona and spent only one day in Ebro Delta wetlands. It is well suited for a day-trip from Barcelona and takes about 1 1/2 hours one way by car using the toll-highway (autopista AP-7, €20-30 one way). There is an option for those that have more time and are looking to save some money by taking the “scenery-route” along the coast. This will take 30-60 minutes longer but you end up saving the highway tolls. As mentioned this time our hub was located in the outskirts of Barcelona, Castelldefels. We rented a car that we used to get around and the first day we spent at Delta Ebro, 150 km south from Barcelona.
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Ebro Delta in December 2015

A winter trip back to Ebro Delta

Kingfisher hiding

Kingfisher hiding

This time we visited the wetlands in winter. We stayed at the Tancat De Codorniu hotel which used to be the summer house of Spanish King Alfonso XII. The hotel is surrounded by fields of oranges, and offers an real treat between the adventures to the delta area and the mountains. We spend most of the time exploring the wetlands but also a couple of days at the mountains in the Els Ports and Benifassa nature reserves. The last night we stayed in Barcelona and had the chance to visit Delta del Llobregat next to El Prat-Barcelona airport. Both wetlands were full of life and definitely worth while visiting in winter.

Here are a couple of pictures from the trip. Click for a larger view.

Here are two panoramas from the mountains. Please click for a better and larger view.


View from the mount Caro towards Delta


Dam at Pantá de Ulldecona in Parc natural de la Tinenca de Benifassa

Birding in Spain, part 1: Delta de l’Ebre

Glossy ibis trio

Glossy ibis trio

Our trip to Spain started with a flight to Barcelona from where we rented a car for the coming adventure. We headed south to Delta de l’Ebre where rice fields and herons waited for us.

Our lodgings in Deltebre, one of the main towns in the area was located so that we could easily get around the wetland by car. Our hotel, the Hotel Delta offered free parking and decent air-conditioned rooms for the needed rest between the adventures. We stayed in the area for 3 days.

Many people chose to bike, but I’m glad we did not as the temperatures were high and the atmosphere was humid. In additions the Delta wetland is larger than it seem with it’s 320 square kilometers of birding madness. There are many sites to see and visit, and many well constructed bird-watching towers all around the wetlands. Some of the areas also offer hiking paths with the possibility to see the birds from closer.

Obviously, the best time to visit the wetlands of Ebro would be during the migration seasons. However, we still feel it was worth the time and money to explore this area during the hot August. There were plenty of birds to spot and only few people around of which almost none were interested of the birds allowing hassle free parking and access to all the towers and parks.

Some of the birds spotted during our 3 days in Delta de l’Ebre:

  • Black-crowned night heron
  • Great egret
  • Little egret
  • Grey heron
  • Purple heron
  • Squacco heron
  • Cattle egret
  • Glossy ibis
  • Flamingo
  • Black-winged stilt
  • Kingfisher
  • Whiskered Tern
  • Barn swallow
  • Spanish sparrow

Below you can view some of images from the trip. For the best experience, please click on the image.