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Finally, the finals!

A 14-year wait has come to an end and Kiekko-Vantaa is finally in the finals.
Kiekko-Vantaa won yet another thrilling encounter against TUTO when Frank Gymer was able to score an OT goal in the 2nd overtime period. The game was even and both teams had plenty of opportunities to take the victory. Kiekko-Vantaa won the series against TUTO 4-2 and will advance to the finals. In the finals they will clash against the unbeaten SaPko from Savonlinna. The first encounter will take place on Wednesday 12.4 in Savonlinna.

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Kiekko-Vantaa vs. RoKi – Mestis, round 48 2016-2017 @ Trio Areena

Kiekko-Vantaa showed a lot of heart coming 2 times from behind and winning the game 4-2 in the end. This is the stuff heroes are made off.

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Kiekko-Vantaa vs. SapKo – Mestis, round 35 2016-2017 @ Trio Areena

Kiekko-Vantaa not strong enough against league leaders SapKo

Kiekko-Vantaa lost 4-1 in front of 630 spectators in Vantaa against SapKo. The team is now at the 6th place in a very even competition. There are only 15 games to go before the playoffs start so it’s going to get interesting in the next coming months.

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Kiekko-Vantaa vs. Jukurit – Mestis, playoffs 4th game 2015-2016 @ Trio Areena

A game to remember!

Niemimaas expression does not leave anything unsaid

Niemimaas expression does not leave anything unsaid

This game had it all. Kiekko-Vantaa started strong taking an early lead in the beginning of the first period by the captain Toni Leinonen. You could feel it in the air, the home team would grab the victory this time. Suddenly everything changed as Jukurit equalized with their trademark finish, right to the top corner by Roope Ranta. It was all downhill from that moment, or so it seemed when in the second period Jukurit had taken 3-1 lead over the local heroes. All of a sudden from out off nowhere Janne Juutinen took a shot from almost dead-corner surprising Mika Norja at the Jukurit goal. The home team was now trailing by one goal and hunting for the equalizer as the clock was ticking down. 4 minutes left in the clock,  Teemu Mielonen stepped up his game making the crowd go wild and taking the game to overtime. To top the excitement, at 70:56 Julius Rantaeskola gave the crowd what they had come for with a beautiful game winning goal.

Loads of shots from the game, click for a better view. Make sure to visit kiekko-vantaa.fi for all the latest news and stats.

Kiekko-Vantaa vs. Hokki – Mestis, round 13 2015-2016 @ Trio Areena

Another 3 game week for Kiekko-Vantaa.

stretches like a tiger

Yrjölä stretches like a tiger

This Friday evening game at the Trio Areena was the only one at home for the team this busy week. Unfortunately, Hokki was stronger this time, even though Kiekko-Vantaa started the game strongly taking a 1-0 lead after a great play by the 3rd line power-duo Järvinen and Friman. Hokki came back just before the end of the first period with a goal by Näppi. After the equalizer, Hokki got the upper hand and took the lead only after 3 minutes of play in the second period. The game ended 4-2 for the guests.

I wanted more reach this time so I chose to photograph a lot with the Sigma 100-300 f.4. I still prefer the quality of the Tamron 70-200 f2.8 and did use it as well.

Check out the official Kiekko-Vantaa.fi pages for stats, news and more information.

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