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Kiekko-Vantaa vs. Jukurit – Mestis, playoffs 2nd game 2015-2016 @ Trio Areena

Playoff thriller worth every penny!

Öfverström cools down Norja

Öfverström cools down Norja

Kiekko-Vantaa welcomed Jukurit to the second game of the playoff series at Trio Areena. The underdogs Kiekko-Vantaa showed a lot of heart and were the best team in terms off team spirit dominating the physical aspects of the whole game. In the first period started strong and were slightly better, while in the second period Kiekko-Vantaa went to a hero mode, dominating most of the period. In the third period Jukurit served a cold shower by scoring in the beginning of the period a couple of fast goals. Unfortunately for Kiekko-Vantaa this was too much and most of the third period battles were decided by fists. Kiekko-Vantaa game on the top of the boxing game while the goals were scored by Jukurit. Jukurit grabbed a valuable second win of the series in front of roughly 800 spectators. The game ended 5-2 for the guests.

Loads of shots from the game, click for a better view. Make sure to visit kiekko-vantaa.fi for all the latest news and stats.