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Finally, the finals!

A 14-year wait has come to an end and Kiekko-Vantaa is finally in the finals.
Kiekko-Vantaa won yet another thrilling encounter against TUTO when Frank Gymer was able to score an OT goal in the 2nd overtime period. The game was even and both teams had plenty of opportunities to take the victory. Kiekko-Vantaa won the series against TUTO 4-2 and will advance to the finals. In the finals they will clash against the unbeaten SaPko from Savonlinna. The first encounter will take place on Wednesday 12.4 in Savonlinna.

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HM King Mäkinen

There is a new royalty in Vantaa. All hail His Majesty The King Mäkinen

Kiekko-Vantaa travelled to Turku after the El Marathonico. The game in Turku started at 3 pm, only half a day after the previous encounter in Vantaa ended. No doubt the players felt this in their legs but this could not be seen on the ice. TUTO started stronger taking the lead in the second period by an overtime goal by Joonas Toivanen. A couple of minutes later Atte Mäkinen decided to shock the home crowd by equalizing the game after assists from Andersson and Harjama. This dynamic trio capitalized the second time half way thru the game when Atte Mäkinen scored the game winning goal assisted again by Andersson and Harjama.

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Kiekko-Vantaa vs. Peliitat – Mestis, round 39 2016-2017 @ Trio Areena

Kiekko-Vantaa triumph in 13-goal bonanza

Kiekko-Vantaa crushed Peliitat in front of 460 spectators. It was another important 6 point game win for the salmons. A crowd pleaser for sure!

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Kiekko-Vantaa vs. Peliitat – Mestis, round 23 2016-2017 @ Trio Areena

Kiekko-Vantaa’s good form continues

Peliitat from Heinola was unable to withstand the home team’s good drive. The game ended 5-3 for Kiekko-Vantaa lifting the team to the 7th place in the team standings only 4 points behind Jokipojat on the 3rd place.
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Kiekko-Vantaa vs. Jukurit – Mestis, playoffs 6th game 2015-2016 @ Trio Areena

A roar of lion


Roar of the lion

Kiekko-Vantaa is now on a heroic winning streak when Jukurit went down in front of over 1000 spectators in Trio Areena. Toni Leinonen gave the salmons of Vantaa again an early lead. Kiekko-Vantaa seemed to be in control when all of a sudden Jukurit tied the game with something that seemed like a pass in front of the goal. That did not stop the home team from winning the second period and scoring two goals by Jere Laine and Lasse Uusivirta, one goal each. The third period started with a Kiekko-Vantaa penalty from the second period and Jukurit managed to utilize this by scoring a power play goal. Short after this Jukurit shocked the crowd by equalizing the game, after a sudden breakaway and a beautiful finish by Teemu Turunen. The game went on overtime and was settled in 37 seconds by Nico Friman who has been in a spectacular form thru the entire season.

The all deciding encounter at game 7 of the playoff series will be played today in Mikkeli.

Loads of shots from the game, click for a better view. Make sure to visit kiekko-vantaa.fi for all the latest news and stats.