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Kiekko-Vantaa – TuTo

First game of this year’s playoffs was a thriller against the rivals from Turku. The game went into overtime where Kiekko-Vantaa was stronger ending the game in a home victory.
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Kiekko-Vantaa vs. JypA – Mestis, round 43 2016-2017 @ Trio Areena

Tight clash

Kiekko-Vantaa won the tight encounter against JypA 3-1 in front of allmost 500 spectators. The game ended 3-1 for the salmons after goals by Lehtinen, Rantaeskola and Leinonen.
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Kiekko-Vantaa vs. Hermes – Mestis, round 21 2016-2017 @ Trio Areena

Winning streak continues

Kiekko-Vantaa’s victorious run continues after a strong win over Hermes from Kokkola. The first goal however was scored by the guests and the teams went to the first intermission with the home team trailing by 1 goal. In the second period Kiekko-Vantaa dominated the game by scoring thrice. The last period was more even and the end minutes became a thriller when Hermes was able to score twice. The game ended 4-3 for Kiekko-Vantaa.
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Kiekko-Vantaa vs. IPK – Mestis, round 6 2016-2017 @ Trio Areena

Seasons first home victory

Rantaeskola gives Kiekko-Vantaa 2-1 lead

Rantaeskola gives Kiekko-Vantaa 2-1 lead

Kiekko-Vantaa was able to capitalize against IPK. Rantaeskola and Leinonen had a great evening getting 3 points each. The game ended 5-3 for the home team.

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