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Birding in Spain, part 2: Laguna de Pitillas y Peralta

Black kite

Black kite

We started our day with a drive to Laguna de Pitillas which is located in the southern part of Navarra. It is the largest natural wetland in Navarra with a lot of waterfowl, herons and kites. There is a manned information hut/observation house with books, brochures, telescopes and toilet facilities. Further along the lake there is also another observation hut with a closer view to the lake.

Our next stop was in a town called Peralta, which is a little town with 5000 inhabitants situated on the shore of Rio Arga. We walked along the Rio Arga spotting a lot of kites, griffon vultures and herons. We also spotted 3 white storks flying by. After the walk by the river, we climbed to the top of the mountain by. At the top there are the ruins of an old monastery and houses. The nature changes dramatically from broadleaf trees to conifers and the views are spectacular. It also gives you the possibility to see the local birds of pray passing close by and even below you.

Below you can view some of images from the trip. For the best experience, please click on the image.