The bird sanctuary

The bird sanctuary in Pont De Gau

This place is a zoo, yet it is not a zoo at all. The birds come and go there voluntarily. There are no fences or cages other than for the birds rescued waiting to be released back to the nature. In many ways it’s an awesome place to get close view of the birds. You can get as close as a meter from the Flamingoes and couple of meters from the Herons. The birds come to the park because there is food served regularly. It cost under 10€ per person and the ticket is valid for the day.

How to get there. Credits:

The park has two sections. The main section has all the flamingoes and herons. This is the area where the birds are obviously fed. The main section offers one hide but there are couple of places along the path where you get to look thru the bushes getting close and personal with the herons. The Coypus in the park are quite used to people and swim close by at times.

The second section has a lot to offer as well. We encountered goldfinches, a Bea-eater, 3 different types of terns, avocets, Spoonbills and a sacred ibis to mention a few. The path is a bit longer but offers at least 4 hides from where to observe the wildlife up and close.

We were at the park when it opened at 9AM and spent the best part of the morning taking pictures of the Flamingoes and herons, walked around the whole park and decided it was time for a lunch. Because the tickets are valid thru out the day we drove to a village nearby called Saintes Maries de la Mer. There is a large beach and a lot of restaurants and cafes. After a lunch we drove back to the park and stayed until sunset taking thousands of pictures.

Saintes Maries de la Mer. 4km south of the park (The park is on D570 close to lake Étang de Ginés). Credits: Google maps.

Gear used: Nikon D500, D3S, Nikkor 200-500 F5.6 and Sigma 20 F1.4

For more information regarding the area download “Where to watch birds in Camargue” leaflet.

Here is a short video clip of the Flamingoes. Make sure to have the volume turned on for the full experience. 🙂

Here are a couple of pictures from the walk.

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